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Employment Contract Reviews


A large portion of my law practice includes medical employment contract or independent contractor contract reviews. Most of the more than 500 medical contracts I have reviewed involve emergency medicine, although I have reviewed and negotiated contracts for physicians in many other specialties including family medicine, occupational medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, anesthesiology, dentistry, surgery, and other specialties.


The flat fee charged for reviewing a contract up to 20 pages in length includes the following services:
· Attorney review of entire contract, including appendices and attachments
· Opinion letter regarding pertinent issues raised in contract  (for a medium-complex contract of average length, an opinion letter averages 5-6 pages)
· Telephone discussion to answer client questions regarding contract or regarding issues raised in attorney opinion letter


For an additional fee, contracts can be revised and negotiated including the following services:
· Discussion with client regarding opinion letter and desired changes to contract
· Creation of letter to prospective employer or contractor outlining requested changes
· Verbal and/or written negotiation of any outstanding issues directly with prospective employer or contractor regarding requested changes
· Periodic summary letters/e-mails updating client of progress in negotiation

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