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February 5, 2012

United States tries to extend the reach of the Feres Doctrine by arguing that it also should apply to family members of military personnel. Currently it does not.

Should medicine be free market? David Lazarus argues that it should not, giving the example of a woman who needed cataract surgery, but who would have been charged $12,000 for the procedure because her insurer wouldn’t cover the operation. The patient could have gone to other hospitals, but wanted to go to UCLA because it was reportedly the “best.”
Mr. Lazarus argues that “healthcare isn’t a product you want to leave exposed to the cold winds of the marketplace.”

Medicare to begin cutting reimbursement to hospitals that have high patient readmission rates.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that physicians can be sued for a patient’s emotional distress – even when patients have no other injuries. Now any time a misdiagnosis is made, even if there is no physical harm, Pennsylvania patients will still be able to sue their physicians.

“I will not mislead you: There will be an impact on patients.” LSU in New Orleans plans to eliminate the chemical detox unit and to close beds in the emergency department, mental health emergency extension and psychiatric inpatient unit in order to save $34 million. More patients who cannot afford those services will go without.

“Our medical system fails to provide care when care is needed, and fails to stop expensive, often unnecessary and frequently harmful interventions, even in situations when science proves those interventions are the wrong thing to do.”
The Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society sounds off in his new book “How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick in America.”

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