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November 28, 2011

$4 million medical malpractice judgment in Canada overturned because judge in case plagarized almost his entire decision “word-for-word” from plaintiff’s briefs.

Twenty one European scientists conclude that there is no good evidence that water prevents dehydration. Now, if bottled water manufacturers make that claim in the European Union, they can be thrown in jail for two years.
I thought that this was some kind of crazy article from the Onion. It’s real.
What bizarre Twilight Zone world do these “scientists” live in? What’s next? Sunscreen manufacturers get drawn and quartered for saying that sunscreen prevents sunburns?

These four drugs caused a majority of the 100,000 hospitalizations in elderly patients for drug interactions every year. I knew the top two as soon as I read the headline.

Are there any agencies out there that will pay me to do a survey on whether city dwellers support major cuts to farm subsidies? Young people support “major” cuts to Medicare and Social Security. If the cuts don’t affect you, of course you’re going to support them.

Michigan hospital tries to combat ED abusers by opening a clinic that caters to them. Sounds counterintuitive, but in this particular system, 950 people accounted for 20,000 emergency department visits each year at an annual cost of $40 to $50 million. A previous program similar to this one saved over $1 million in 1 year when focusing on only 30 patients.

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