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November 14, 2011

Figured I’d try posting a few medical-legal stories from around the web each week just to keep the blog more current.

Emergency nurses still getting abused at an alarming rate. As in 53% of nurses get verbally abused by patients and 13% of nurses get physically abused by patients. In 47% of physical violence cases, no action was taken against the perpetrator. In 72% of physical violence cases, the hospital did not respond to the nurse about the assault. Nice.

$7.6 million verdict after California radiologist misdiagnoses spinal tumor on MRI and patient later ends up paralyzed.

How pathetic are government regulations when doctors have to hire someone to fill out all the paperwork that needs to be completed for each patient visit? One doctor estimates that only 25% of a doctor’s day is spent with patients and 75% of the doctor’s day is spent filling out paperwork.

When states close publicly-funded psychiatric hospitals, health services in other hospitals become strained. What are states thinking? Governor Quinn is going to do the same thing in Illinois. Push the cost of caring for some of the most vulnerable patients in our society off on hospitals that are having trouble staying afloat. Watch what happens when patients waiting for days in the emergency department to get psychiatric placement affect even more of our ability to provide care to other patients.

After county court ruled against Washington State in a lawsuit challenging its new policy, Washington lifted its plan to limit emergency department visits for patients with “non-emergencies” such as chest pain, abdominal pain, and breathing problems.

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